When it comes to anime, My Hero Academia is winning the game. The shonen series has quickly become one of Japan’s top titles, and its international fanbase has exploded as of late. With a film now in theaters, it seems My Hero Academia is poised to be the next Naruto — but one thing needs to happen if that is true.

My Hero Academia is going to need way more than 3 seasons, and the studio behind the show seems to know it, too.

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Recently, Studio BONES made an appearance at a Japanese convention where president Masahiko Minami took to the stage. It was there he was asked about whether or not My Hero Academia will get more seasons in the future, as its third just entered in second cour.

“I can’t say anything specific or else I’d get scolded by Toho… but Bones have [sic] 5 sub-studios. Studio C, which has been doing [My Hero Academia], doesn’t have any other projects planned for upcoming 2 years,” Minami hinted.

While there is no official confirmation of a fourth season, anime fans feel rather confident in My Hero Academia’s future. Its reception in Japan is hard to ignore, and that isn’t even considering its broad international appeal. With such a large fanbase in town, My Hero Academia is regularly ranking as one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s top manga series, and its anime has received similar praise from its studios. It’s easy to see then why BONES and Toho would be eager to extend the show for as long as possible.

Luckily, there is plenty of content for the show’s team to adapt as it stands. Creator Kohei Horikoshi is still publishing his manga, and there is a backlog of material left for the anime to cover before the show catches up to My Hero Academia‘s present arc.

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